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Flipped Classroom - La clase diferente

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ABP - Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos

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The Buck Institute for Education commissioned the cutting-edge advertising agency, Common Craft, to create a short animated video that explains in clear language the essential elements of Project Based Learning (PBL). 

This simple video makes the essential elements of PBL come alive and brings to light the 21st Century skills and competencies (collaboration, communication, critical thinking) that will enable K-12 students to be college and work-ready as well as effective members of their communities.

In this hands-on approach to teaching, students create schoolwork that demonstrates core subject knowledge. For more information and resources on project-based learning, visit

Presentación de proyectos de lectura y escritura. Departamento de Educación. Gobierno de Navarra #pbl #pblesp -- Created using PowToon --

En esta entrevista grabada en el CEIP Príncipe Felipe (Motril, Granada) Daniel Sánchez y Diego Ojeda nos hablan de aprendizaje basado en proyectos, sus ventajas, sus dificultades, algunos ejemplos y cómo animarnos a organizar nuestro primer proyecto.

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IdeaPaint at Killian Middle School

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We visited Killian Middle School in Lewisville, TX to see how they are using IdeaPaint to engage students and foster creativity in the classroom.

Rathoath Junior School using Smart Wall Paint - See teacher Emma using the next generation whiteboard solution to engage her students, Emma's pupils are using Smart Wall Paint on their desks and walls helping them to interact and learn creatively. This whiteboard paint works with Interactive projectors. Find more information on

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